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Dean of the Faculty Office Administration and Staff

Name Title Phone Office
William Hoynes Dean of the Faculty 845-437-5300 Blodgett Hall
Kathleen M. Susman Associate Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Biology 845-437-5306 Main Building
Christina Johnson Assistant Dean for Grants Development and Administration 845-437-7615 Main Building
Melissa R. Naitza Assistant Dean for Academic Administration 845-437-5301 Main Building
Erica Leman Assistant Director of Academic Administration 845-437-5310 Main Building
Patricia A. Turner Executive Assistant 845-437-5302 Main Building
Darcy Gordineer Office Specialist 845-437-5307 Main Building
Patricia H. Maio Office Specialist 845-437-5300 Main Building

Directors Reporting to the Dean of the Faculty

Name Title Phone Office
Peter Antelyes Associate Professor of English and Director of Teaching Development 845-437-5638 Eleanor Butler Sanders Hall
Katherine Hite Professor of Political Science on the F. Thompson Chair and Director of Research Development 845-437-7661 Rockefeller Hall
Colleen R. Mallet Registrar 845-437-5276 Main Building
Thomas Pacio Director of Creative Arts and Community Engagement 845-437-7039 Old Laundry Building
Rachel Pereira Director of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Legal Affairs Advisor 845-437-5334 Main Building
Lisa Radhika Kaul Director of Community-Engaged Learning 845-437-5280 Main Building
Kerry Stamp Director of International Programs 845-437-5260
Amanda L. Thornton Director of Grants Administration 845-437-5309 Main Building